How To Setup VSI-FAX for SMTP

Instructions for setting up e-mail delivery for

Instructions for setting up e-mail delivery for VSI-FAX


Please enter as the outgoing e-mail server name - SMTP hostname.

Make sure that SMTP authentication (SASL) is turned ON, the username listed matches your sender e-mail address, and the password matches the one that you used to register.

Set the SMTP port to 2525. Please, be aware that in some cases port 2525 is disabled by your ISP or a firewall. If you have problems, this could be the case. You should try the other available ports: 25, 2082, and 25025.

Encryption (SSL or TLS) should be off.

To improve delivery, add your SPF information to your DNS settings. Here is your SPF information:

SPF record: "v=spf1 a mx ~all"

This SPF text string MUST be added to the .TXT file of the DNS record for the domain or domains that you will send from.  Failure to do so will greatly reduce the success of your e-mail deliveries.  Often, the company that registered the domain for you will take care of this.  Sometimes, they provide a portal for domain owners to manage the DNS content themselves.  Please contact us BEFORE sending if you do not understand how to add this to your DNS record(s).

Setup up is very simple and after creating an account, you can contact PLC, LLC for personal instruction on setting up VSI-FAX to send e-mail again or for the first time!

Instructions for setting up e-mail delivery for VSI-FAX


If you would like to try and setup VSI-FAX yourself, please download the instructions from here: VSI-FAX SMTP Authentication

If you have not yet done so, please follow this link to sign up for SMTP delivery by PLC, LLC and

Signup for SMTP access for VSI-FAX


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